Ants In My Garden

Ants in my garden

Ants in My Garden

During the summer months, many of us can get annoyed and irritated by these pests running around in our garden and even entering our homes.

Ants and their Colonies

In the UK there are several species of ants; the four most common are the garden ant, Roger’s ant, Pharaoh’s ant and ghost ant. These pests live in large colonies of up to several million. A colony of ants will all contain a Queen, and male and female worker ants. Some colonies will only have one queen, but some may contain many more. The female workers are responsible for building, finding food and protecting the colony. The male ants will mate with the queen.

What am I looking for?

A queen and male ants will have wings, whereas the female workers will not have wings. Queens will be approximately 15mm long and workers around 4-5mm long. Colonies can usually be found in soil, underneath paving slabs, in flowers beds and lawns. Ants will feed on dead or living insects, seeds and nectar.

Ant Facts

They use a chemical known as a pheromone, this will alert other ants of any danger or lead them to a good supply of food. They can’t hear like humans, as they don’t have any ears. They listen to other ants using vibrations in the ground through their feet.

The life span of the common garden ant will generally only be a short period over the summer. However, the queen can live up to ten years or more. The queens will then work to repopulate colonies for the following year.

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