A Day and a Life of a Wasp

Wasp Nest Removal

As the summer is approaching how many of us are going to be running scared that there’s a wasp in our car, bedroom, kitchen or garden. I’m guessing the answer to that is quite a lot of us. But how many of us know the characteristics of a wasp, apart from us all thinking they are yellow and black in colour.

So should we be worried or scared about these insects or just leave them to get on with their daily routine?

Many of us will encounter a wasp nests in our loft in our life time active or dead. They can also be found in wall cavities, old rodent burrows and hollow trees and bushes and live in large colonies of many thousands.  The most common time of year to see wasps in between April and October, however the queen wasp will still be around the rest of the year to look for her home to live for the winter months.

A wasp colony will have one dominant queen and several princesses who will later become queens.  They are usually bigger than other wasps and will hibernate during the winter months, waiting for the spring before laying her eggs. Wasps work throughout the year collecting food ready for the colder months. As it gets cooler and the food supplies run low, wasps start to die off, leaving the new queens to hibernate and build their own nest for the winter. This process will repeat every year.

As for their characteristics, well yes, they are yellow and black in colour and are roughly 2 and half cm long, with their sting being at the end of their abdomen.  

Why are we scared of these insects? Is it because they sting? Should we be worried or do we think a small insect like a wasp could be more worried be us?  Well, yes, a wasp will sting and can repeatedly sting.  However, this is due to feeling threatened, provoked or for protection of their queens and nests.

So, be sure to give us a call if you spot a nest!

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