Giant Rat not all it seems ?

Reports of a “Giant Rat” have been circulating online on social media and on mainstream news websites this weekend.

The Telegraph ran the story claiming “an expert” from a famous national pest control company believed the giant creatures could be breeding under the sewers of England.

At Opkill, we took a different view – clearly the photo had been taken with forced perspective meaning that because it was close to the camera, it looked much bigger then it actually was. The rat was still large though – probably nearer 18 inches to 2 foot long but certainly not “4 foot” as claimed by the chap in the photo.

We weren’ t the only people to notice the discrepancy – the guardian and the BBC were also quick to “smell a rat”.

Rats can be a real nuisance to the home and business – if you have a problem with a rodent infestation we suggest you call an expert company like Opkill who will deal with your issue, no matter the size of the rodent at large!

Image courtesy of the BBC

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