More Rats in UK Homes This Winter?

rats in my house

Predicted cold winter in UK could mean spike in rodent activity in homes

Every year when the weather turns colder, we see our highest volume of callouts for rat and mice treatments, as the small rodents come inside to try and escape from the harsh winter.

This year, with experts already forecasting heavy snowfall from as early as November, and what could become the coldest winter for decades, we are predicting that rodent activity in homes across the UK could rise to record highs.

During the winter months, rats and mice will seek out warmth and shelter, as well as areas where food is readily available. If you want to ensure that your home remains rodent-free this season, we would advise that you;

  • Tidy any rubbish in and around your property, including storage areas such as sheds.
  • Ensure that any food waste is cleared regularly and kept in closed bins.
  • Keep all stored food in rodent-proof containers.
  • Keep any areas of vegetation cut short and clear them of refuse. This will expose any possible burrows or rat runs.
  • Make sure that buildings are rodent-proofed by filling/blocking any possible points of entry e.g. holes in walls.

If you suspect you may already have rodents in or around your property, it is highly advised that you deal with it as quickly as possible, as rats and mice can breed very quickly.

Rats are able to reproduce at around three months old and have on average 3-12 litters per year. With each litter producing between six and eight young, a population of rats can grow from two to 15,000 in a single year. Mice breed just as quickly, with litters of three to 14 young being born five to 10 times per year.

If you think that you may require a rodent treatment, we provide services here at OpKill that will help you deal with your problem. For more information, please visit our rat treatment page, or search on our website for your local area and see what we can do for you.

How to book a rodent pest control service

Our field-based staff are supported by a dedicated team of managers, administration and call centre staff at our UK head office in Worcestershire. They are your first point of call for all your pest control needs, including and rodent issues you may have this winter.

To book a service, you can contact Opkill Pest Control direct via our enquiry form on our website; or alternatively, you can call our friendly sales team on 0800 980 41 42, they will be happy to give you a quote.

All prices include VAT at 20%.

Debit/credit card payments (only) are taken at the time of booking.

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