Opkill offer expert solutions to 18th Century Listed building

Christopher Wray building works

We were asked to assist with the clean-up of one of Birmingham City centre’s oldest surviving buildings – part the 18th Century Grade II listed Christopher Wray Complex.

This complex in Bartholomew Row, near Millennium Point, has been derelict since 2003.

Read more about this restoration project in the Birmingham Post

Opkill had to go in to remove all the debris, disinfect all the walls and floors, and clear out all the remaining pigeons. We then had to proof off the gaps and holes with bird netting to prevent them from re entering.

We discovered that pigeons have been gaining access since is closure in the early 1990’s – so as you can well imagine the bird fouling was fairly deep!

We worked closely alongside the contractors C-zero limited who would not have been able to start their work without our preparations. 

Chris Mckeown, CEO of Opkill said: “We all mucked in (excuse the pun) to get the job done, to our standards of cleanliness, and we turned this around within the week. Without this extensive but crucial pest control work the site simply would not have been ready on time.”

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