Opkill’s Expert Yard Clearance at Local Pub

Yard Clearance with Opkill

Here at Opkill, we have been hard at work with new ventures to ensure all of our customers receive the best possible service from us. Our most recent project has been a large-scale yard clearance at the Anchor Inn pub in Wyre Piddle, Worcestershire.

The grounds of the pub contain a tiered garden, approximately 350 square meters in size, which leads down to the river. When our team were called in, the garden was overrun with refuse, brambles and other vegetation.

Our team spent three days doing the clearance. This involved disposing of all refuse, breaking down the overgrown vegetation, which in some places had grown far over a meter in height, and completely clearing the grounds, exposing the tiered structure below.

Why have a yard clearance?

Areas such as these where vegetation has become severely overgrown can become very problematic, as they are a prime location for pests such as rats to burrow under the ground, as the plant coverage will protect them from predators. By clearing away overgrowth and refuse, rat burrows will be exposed to their natural predators, and it will also make pest control treatments, such a laying down rodenticide poison, far more effective.

How much will it cost?

The price of a yard clearance will differ depending on the size of the area, and the extent to which clearance in necessary. Due to this, a survey of the area will need to be carried out by our qualified surveyor in order to give you an accurate quote.

To book a survey, do not hesitate to call our friendly call centre team directly on 0800 980 41 42; or fill out our enquiry form.

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