Specialist Pest Services

Opkill offer a number of specialist services to keep pests at bay, including the use of our experienced Birds of Prey team, and we also other other services using using state-of-the-art technology and processes.

  • Birds of Prey

    We operate a Birds of Prey team with over 25 years experience operating for many different customers. Our specialists currently fly a Peregrine Falcon, Harris Hawks and a Great Horned Owl. This is nature’s best deterrent for certain types of pest – in conjunction with our birds, we also use other methods to deter pest species, and we are always looking for new ways to achieve the desired result for the client.

    Our birds assist with extremely effective Gull and Pigeon solutions and our handlers have a real passion for flying them.

  • Solar Panels and Pests

    Roof mounted solar modules offer a sheltered and warm environment that pests will take advantage of. Pigeons in particular have been known to nest under modules, dislodging clipped wiring and creating fire hazards with their nesting material. In areas with a large number of seagulls and pigeons, bird droppings can build up when they fly over or perch on the panels – a single large deposit will shade the cells to such an extent that it can reduce a module’s efficiency by 30% which will have a knock-on effect on the overall efficiency of the whole system output.

    Self-cleaning solar panels?

    Many panel manufacturers highlight the module’s self-cleaning ability, this however only covers the atmospheric dust and dirt which will be washed away by rainwater – not bird droppings.

    Corrosive effects of bird mess

    The corrosive effects of the bird mess should also not be over-looked; on panels without the correct Ammonia and Salt Water test certificates, any droppings on the frame will compromise the aluminium leading to a dramatically increased rate of corrosion, damaging the solar panels.

    It is important to be aware of the animals that share your roof area in order to prevent damage to your array – squirrels have been known to dislodge and chew wiring that will result in expensive maintenance. Thus preventative measures to control pests is much more cost-effective solution.

  • Heat Fumigation

    Thermal Disinfection Process/Heat Treatment

    What is Heat Treatment?

    Rather than traditional spray treatments which only kill live bed bugs meaning multiple treatments are required, heat treatment is a new technology which treats bedbugs in all life stages, including the egg. The main benefit there is rather than waiting for eggs to hatch before the infestation can be controlled, any bed bug infestation can be dealt with in a single visit.

    How does it work?

    The Puratak System uses a combination of heat, steam and spray to deal with the infestation. Specially designed heaters build the temperature of an infested property to between 52.5 and 70 degrees Centigrade – this is known as the “kill zone”, where bedbugs in all life stages will die. The temperatures are monitored through a computer system which plots a graph to display the system’s progress. Then, all areas are steamed, including walls as required, and finally a crack and crevice spray is put around the area.

    Where can it be used?

    The only stipulations are that we need 240V electricity, and that the property is sealed to build heat in (so somewhere with no windows for example wouldn’t work).

    What are it’s uses?

    • Bed Bugs
    • Fleas
    • Stored Product Insects in grain stores


    What are the benefits of using this system?

    • Far less preparation is required: The house must be de-cluttered, aerosols removed and things that could be susceptible to heat such as candles and vinyl records. Hanging clothes are fine, and as long as drawers are not too tightly packed, they can be left.
    • Heat kills the bed bugs straight away rather than waiting for a chemical treatment to be effective.
    • The treatment is over in one day, not six weeks as can happen when multiple chemical treatments are required.
    • A 6-month warranty is offered for peace of mind. We will come back at our own cost, usually to undertake a small chemical spray, to deal with any residual issues.