loft Clearance

Clearing out your loft insulation after a rat infestation offers several significant benefits. Here are some key advantages of this important post-infestation step: Health and Hygiene: Rats can carry various diseases and pathogens that pose a risk to human health. When rats infest your loft, they leave behind droppings, urine, and nesting materials, which can […]

Local Council Pest Control

Being the chosen pest control provider for the South Staffordshire Council is an honour and a responsibility that we at Opkill take very seriously. We are committed to delivering exceptional pest management services that align with the council’s vision of creating a safe, healthy, and pest-free environment for the residents and businesses of South Staffordshire. […]

Wasp Nest Removal

The Intriguing World of Wasps: Unravelling the Secrets Behind Wasp Nest Removal Introduction: In the realm of insects, few evoke such mixed emotions as wasps. These fascinating creatures, often misunderstood and feared, play a vital role in our ecosystem. However, when their nests encroach upon human dwellings, it becomes necessary to explore the intricate art […]

How to remove a wasp nest

How to remove a wasp nest Wasp nest removal is a crucial task that should be handled with caution and expertise. Wasp nests, typically constructed in sheltered outdoor areas, can pose a threat to human safety due to the aggressive nature of wasps when they feel their nest is threatened. Removing a wasp nest requires […]

Local Pest Controller

Local Pest Controller Pest Control South Staffordshire¬† Pest control South Staffordshire – South Staffordshire District lies North and West of the West Midlands. To the South is Worcestershire and to the West is the West Midlands. The district was formed on 1 April 1974.   What do we Cover¬† Since June 2016 Opkill Pest control […]