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Birds of Prey Specialists

Birds of Prey Specialists or falconer required? Then we can help Opkill are very proud to have specialist bird handlers working with us  and we thought you might like to know a little bit more about them. Birds of prey are a fantastic solution for dealing with not only flying pests such as gulls and pigeons but also sometimes ground based pests such as rabbits.

Opkill’s specialist falconers are highly experienced bird handlers who can offer and support your business in through an effective solution in removing unwanted birds away from the premises. Opkill’s specialist falconry team deal with many sites from schools suffering with seagulls to large manufacturing warehouse’s with gulls on the roof!

Opkill also fly our birds for large football stadiums who just want the pitch free of pigeons in preparation for the premiership football game. So if your looking for a cost effect solution or looking for a new falconer contact Opkill on 0800 980 41 41 or contact us online here.

From the falconer

Our resident expert Kevin told us:“I started falconry as a hobby, which quickly became a passion!  My first venture into falconry was hunting with a Harris Hawk, which then progressed to a Goshawk.   Through a friend I was given a job on a landfill site flying my first falcon, a hybrid Peregrine/Prairie, to deter crows, rooks and gulls, therefore, combining my hobby with a paying job! “

Kivin and his partner, Kim, currently fly a number of beautiful birds including a Peregrine falcon, Harris Hawks and a Great Horned Owl.

“On the pest control side we have worked for Hospitals, Housing Associations, a major Public Transport Company, Local Councils, Food Producers, Schools and Universities, mainly targeting pigeons, gulls, Canada geese, rabbits, plus any other bird related problems. We are extremely passionate about what we do and take a great pride in our birds and the job that they do.”

In conjunction with our birds, we also use other methods to deter pest species, and we are always looking for new ways to achieve the desired result for our clients.


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