Fly Control

Having flies around the home or work place can become a major nuisance, especially if you are a busy business. Flies can not only become annoying, but are also the cause for the spread of many diseases. As part of the Food and Safety’s Act 1990, it is highlighted that all food premises are to show necessary due diligence against the prevention of insects as practically possible. Having flies within the workplace when dealing with foods can have serious consequences and can also damage company reputation.

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Signs of infestation

Early detection is important when dealing with flies. once a breeding site is established, infestation can prove to become very difficult to self-manage, that’s why it’s important to know what to look for.

Common Signs

Flies – Seems obvious yes? But actually the odd fly within the premises is not out of the norm keep your eyes open for more than normal.
Maggots – Maggots are the larval stage of flies and can look very unsightly. Finding these will normally identify the breeding ground or even the source of the problem.
Spotting- Small spots which that appear on the white walls or work surfaces. These small spots are the faecal excrement left behind from the flies.

Fly Unit Maintenance

Having fly units within your home or workplace will need regular care and maintenance this will also contribute to the “due diligence” and compliance within the Food Safety’s Act 1990.

Why do you require fly unit maintenance?

All fly control units work using UVA (ultra violet light), which attracts the insect into the unit by replicating the effects of plants, which provide a food source. The method in which the unit can capture or kill may vary however, and each unit will require a UVA bulb to attract the insects.

The UVA bulb will need to be changed every 12 months because UVA uses a special fluorescent light technology where the glass is coated with phosphor. The phosphor will slowly deteriorate over time and can diminish up to 50% within six months and will be ineffective after a year. The requirement for Fly unit maintenance dose not just stop there and over time the units may become clogged up from flies or the sticky roll may need changing. In some cases, if the unit stops working, it may just need a service and not a new unit!

As part of Opkill’s Fly Unit Maintenance Contract we would normally recommend that the units are serviced and checked a minimum of two times per year. This service will include a change of the UV tubes every twelve months as a minimum to ensure the unit remains effective and your business is protected and compliant.

We don’t just offer fly unit maintenance at Opkill, we can also supply many other deterrents and products. Call us today and we will help you save money and time in choosing the right type of service for you.

Electronic Fly Units

Opkill can provide a range of Electronic Fly Units to suit your needs.


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