Pigeons under solar panels

Pigeons under solar panels

Pigeons under solar panels have recently become more of a common problem throughout the UK since the surge in eco-energy and government grants for free solar panel installations. The most common problems that are reported are Pigeons under solar panels. Pigeons under solar panels are a relatively new but common problem as the roof mounted solar modules offer a sheltered and warm environment that pests will often take advantage of.

Effects of birds nesting under solar panels   

The birds nesting under the solar panels can cause an array of issues other than just the fouling mess they cause. Bird droppings can build up when they fly over or perch on the solar panels – a single large deposit will shade the cells to such an extent that it can reduce a module’s efficiency by 30%, which will have a knock-on effect on the overall efficiency of the whole system output, costing you money.



Corrosive effects of bird mess

The corrosive effects of the bird mess should also not be overlooked; if the Pigeons under solar panels have been residents for some time, then there will be a large amount of fouling built up on and/or under the panels. Without the correct Ammonia and Salt Water test certificates, any droppings on the frame will compromise the aluminium, leading to a dramatically increased rate of corrosion, which can damage the solar panels permanently.

Self-cleaning solar panels?

Many panel manufacturers highlight the module’s self-cleaning ability, this however only covers the atmospheric dust and dirt which will be washed away by rainwater – not bird droppings.

Solar Panels not working

Pigeons nesting under the solar panels can dislodge wiring and stop the solar panel system working altogether. If pigeons nesting under the solar panels are left, they can also cause long term damage and potential fires. It’s always best to get a professional survey carried out first, especially if you believe there are Pigeons under your solar panels.

Pests under my solar panels

It is important to be aware of the animals that share your roof area in order to prevent damage to your array. It’s not just Pigeons under solar panels that can cause problems– squirrels and other pests have also been known to dislodge and chew wiring that will result in expensive maintenance. Thus, preventative measures to control pests is a much more cost-effective solution.

Solar Panels and pigeons health hazards

Having birds nesting under the solar panels can also carry with it a number of health hazards, as bird fouling contains many different types of bacteria and insects which are harmful to humans. These insects can also spread to the internal areas of the building if they are not appropriately treated.

Solar Panel pigeon proofing

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing is a specialist service that Opkill are able to offer to prevent pigeons under solar panels, and deny access for Pigeons returning to nests. The Bird proofing system includes a combination of mesh and clips which are easy to install, requiring no drilling which will not compromise the integrity of the solar panel system. The bird proofing materials used for solar panels can vary, however we normally use a 19 gauge, 25mm x 12.5mm galvanised mesh.

The installation will use UV stable poly-carbonate clips which are designed to fit on the inside lip of the panel without scratching the surface. The clips are fitted two to each corner and then at 500mm points in between. The installation of 19 Gauge 25mm x 12.5mm Galvanised mesh to prevent the birds from infesting this area. The Mesh will enclose the affected area and deny the birds access. This can also entail installing steel fixings/solar clips at every corner and at 500mm intervals in between.

The birds nesting under the solar panels will also create a lot of mess, therefore is it required that we treat all bulk bird fouling and related materials with Biocide, to render it inert.


Access Equipment

In order to reduce cost of scaffolding or cherry pickers Opkill can provide a specialised rope access team and this is normally the preferred method in completing solar panel pigeon proofing.  This means no need to wait for erection and dismantlement of scaffolding or a worry about clearance for transport.



How to book a Survey

Our specialist team can advise on the best method in dealing with your pest problem. If you require solar panel pigeon proofing because you believe you have birds nesting under the solar panels or if you are looking for an alternative/permanent solution other than just bird netting for solar panels then please give one of our team a call.

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