Bird Control

Opkill offer a wide range of services when it comes to domestic bird control

Birds can cause significant damage to your property and infer further cost if left uncontrolled. We provide a solution which controls the bird population at your premises and reduces your costs in the future

Pigeons and Seagulls can cause a real issue for your home. Birds can not only create large amounts of mess but this mess can become a real health and safety hazard by the spreading diseases such as E.Coli and Salmonella and even Ornithosis.

Bird fouling can be very acidic, and if left untreated, stains and defaces buildings and damages vehicles. Birds and fouling can also cause other issues such as fleas and mites and other parasitic living insects which may later cause issues.

Opkill offer a number of solutions to solve your bird issues – Enquire today for a no obligation quote:

Bird Clearance
Pigeons and seagulls can create a real mess with their fouling, which can contribute to the spread of many diseases as well as damage to property. Opkill can offer a full cleaning and disinfection service.

Egg Nest Removal
Population control is important. Gulls, for instance, become sexually mature within 3 years and will return to the same breeding site year on year. We offer professional egg and nest removal service.

Fed up with birds fouling or nesting within unwanted areas? Opkill offer a netting and spiking installation service where our bird technicians of the best at what they do with a proven track record.

Birds of Prey
The use of birds of prey is one the most natural tools in bird control. This service is both very effective and spectacular to watch. So where all other options fail, it’s time to call in the bird of prey!


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