Wasp Nest Removal

Opkill can provide a wasp nest removal service at very competitive rates. Wasp nests are likely to be discovered from May through to November every year, and we aim to treat them on the same day. Wasps can cause a real nuisance due to their ability to sting. This sting can deliver a nasty pain sensation but can also be potentially dangerous if anyone is known to be allergic to wasps stings (anaphylactic).Wasps/Hornets will look to build their nest in early spring and can be active up until winter. They can often be found nesting within very common areas such as the eaves of a roof, along the river banks, small holes underground, small holes within the brickwork and the cavity walls of premises, The rough location of a wasp nest can often be spotted during a sunny day as this is normally when the wasps are most active. Care should be taken when surveying for wasps/hornets’ nest as these insects can become aggressive if they feel threatened and can sting multiple times causing serious pain and swelling.
Opkill advises against customers attempting to treat a nest. Call a professional who will have the correct protective clothing and training. Failure in treating wasps nest can result in serious harm or danger to the person or persons within the area.

Here in the UK the resident wasp species that cause problems are the German wasp (Vespula Germanica) and our common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris). The common wasp will likely be the culprit found building its nest within the roof of houses and other structures. These wasp nests can also be found outside within bushes and also built in the ground. The Vespula Germanica (German wasp) is likely to build its nest in bushes which can be around head height, putting passers-by at a higher risk should it become disturbed.

Professional Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps and hornets can cause a real nuisance to both the residents and business alike. Due to the ability which enables these insects to sting this can cause a significant health and safety issue to the workplaces and public. Wasps can sting there victim multiple times and not just once like a bee. Wasps will become very aggressive should they feel their nest is under attack. They will usually have lookout wasps near the entrance, so when disturbed the whole nest will go into attack/defence mode.

When treatments are applied to the wasp nest it is likely that they will remain active for around the 24/48 hour mark before the insecticide has had a chance to be fully ingested. Opkill will always advise a process of precautions and aftercare to ensure we provide the safest form of elimination of the wasps for good. We aim to sort the problem out for you quickly so you can get back to your business.

Professional wasp nest removal 


Professional wasp nest removal is an effective and safe solution for homeowners and businesses dealing with a wasp infestation. When performed by trained and experienced technicians like ourselves, this service can eliminate the threat of a wasp nest while minimising the risk of injury from wasp stinging or property damage.

Professional wasp nest removal typically begins with an assessment of the situation, during which the technician will determine the size and location of the wasps nest, as well as the type of wasp involved. Based on this information, the technician will then develop a plan for removing the wasp nest that takes into account the safety of all involved, as well as the impact on the surrounding environment.

The actual removal process may involve a variety of techniques, including the use of insecticide sprays, physical removal of the the wasp nest, or relocation of the wasp nest and its inhabitants. In all cases, the goal is to eliminate the immediate threat of the wasp infestation while minimising the impact on the ecosystem.

Overall, professional wasp nest removal is a reliable and effective way to deal with a wasp infestation, and can provide peace of mind to homeowners and businesses concerned about the safety of their home and family. By working with Opkill pest control you can ensure that your wasp nest removal is done in a safe and effective manner.


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