Proofing Mesh

Acts as proofing for cracks and crevices.




Flexible proofing mesh.

Many small openings in buildings function as ventilation facilities. Unfortunately, this provides an excellent opportunity for small unwanted visitors. With Vermiguard pests remain outside and ventilation is still maintained. Vermiguard is suitable for proofing holes and cracks in tiles, ridge tiles, fascia boards, siding, channel and pipe openings.

Flexible Proofing Mesh is available in both 50mm × 20 metre and 150mm × 10 metre rolls. This proofing mesh is made from stainless steel links making it weather resistant while remaining flexible enough to fold, roll and cut to size. It is a cost-effective way of proofing a wide range of rodent and bird access points and creates a pest proof barrier while still allowing ventilation to buildings.

The material is extremely durable and weather resistant. Because of the fine wire structure, it is easy to process. With scissors Vermiguard is also easy to cut to size. Folding, cutting, making rolls – all possible!

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Flexible Proofing Mesh: 150mm × 10metres, Flexible Proofing Mesh: 50mm × 20metres


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