Bird Netting




Bird Netting

Bird netting is a highly effective deterrent for avian pests, providing a virtually invisible barrier which birds cannot pass through or around.

Netting is a popular option, as it is a harmless, humane deterrent which encourages the bird population to relocate, as well as being versatile and long lasting.

With the ability to stop birds accessing specific areas, or even a whole building, bird netting is a cost-effective yet flexible way to protect properties.

Bird netting can be used in collaboration with our bird spikes to provide a more effective, complete bird proofing system.

Materials, sizes and fixings used for bird netting can vary greatly depending on certain variables e.g. what needs to be proofed, the size of the area and the customer’s individual preferences.

Due to this, we recommend that you contact us directly for a quote on your bird netting supplies, so that we can give you exactly what you need for the best possible price. Call The Pest Control Market office direct on 0800 980 41 42.

If you require a quote for materials and installation, contact the above number, or check out our sister company at


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