Heavy Duty Rat-Snap Trap

Heavy Duty Rat-Snap Trap




Heavy Duty Rat-Snap Trap

This durable rat trap is made with only the most robust materials, so that our product will serve you efficiently for as long as possible.

For the most effective treatment, put bait in the cup on the traps pressure plate (we would recommend chocolate or peanut butter), set it, and place it near any areas where rat activity have been seen.

The trap has easy set/release functions, so that it is both simple and safe to use, and can be used again immediately after being set off.

For larger scale infestations, this trap is perfect to use in conjunction with other products, such as rat bait blocks, grain or glue traps.

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5 reviews for Heavy Duty Rat-Snap Trap

  1. Amazon customer

    Perfect for the job.caught all

  2. Amazon customer

    Brilliant sturdy trap that killed a rat more the size of a car instantly. So strong that the trap was the only thing keeping the rat’s head on. If you have a rat problem get these and some peanut butter and wave your furry friend goodbye.

  3. Amazon customer

    I set all four with peanut butter over night in the hope if catching the rat we had seen by the bird feeder and digging tunnels under our fence.
    Woke up to have caught 2 large rats!
    Very pleased with the quality of the traps, and was worth setting several.

  4. Amazon customer

    diese falle hat sehr viel power, ist sehr einfach zu handhaben, sehr leicht zu triggern, sehr schnell und sehr preiswert..

  5. Amazon customer

    Dopo aver provato praticamente qualsiasi tipo di veleno in bustine e relative casette porta veleno, il problema continuava a persistere. Trovavo i sacchetti rosicchiati, escrementi di roditore, ma nessun risultato. Con queste trappole subito dopo la prima applicazione, problema risolto! Facili da armare ed applicare, se avete problemi di roditori, questo è l’acquisto perfetto!

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