Opkill Supreme P3 Single Feed Poison 150g & Two Mouse Bait Boxes




Opkill Supreme P3 rat/mouse poison paste is a unique and highly attractive bait that can kill rodents in a single feed.

This innovative poison is formulated from a premium grade bait containing cereal mixed together with a  highly attractive peanut butter substance.

Brodifacoum pasta sachets are a type of rodenticide used to control rodent populations in residential, agricultural, and commercial settings.

The strength of 0.0025% Brodifacoum pasta sachets refers to the concentration of Brodifacoum in the pasta formulation. In this case, the concentration is 0.0025%, which is equivalent to 25 parts per million and is sale (ppm).

P3  Brodifacoum pasta sachets are considered to be potent and are effective in controlling moderate to severe rodent infestations. However, it is essential to handle them with care and follow all safety guidelines when using them. It is also crucial to use them only in areas where there is no risk of accidental ingestion by humans or other animals.

Included in this package are two highly durable mouse bait station boxes where the poison can be contained safely.

Safety data sheet  Pasta and 2 mouse boxes

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