Opkill Rat & Mouse Killer Poison Grain 150g

Opkill Whole grain bait for killing mice, rats, rodents, and vermin.




Opkill Whole grain bait for killing mice, rats, rodents, and vermin.

The grain used for our poison is food grade micronised high quality wheat, no husks or dust.  Because the wheat has been micronised it is prevented from germinating and starts the transition of turning starches into sugars which makes the bait sweeter and more attractive to rodents.  Accompanied by a vanilla/chocolatey aroma it is irresistible to rats and mice which makes it the best product on the market.

  •       Our bait grain has been professionally formulated to achieve optimal results and all our products are quality tested by professional pest controllers prior to public release.
  •       Multi feed poison which means that unlike many other baits on the market this poison is specifically designed to reduce bait shyness and to maximise bait take and delivery of poison to each rodent and maximise effectiveness from day 1!
  •       Packets contain 150g of Difenacoum 25 grain bait. It is a highly effective rodent killer, which leads the way against many other similar baits available on Amazon.
  •       Simple to use with no waxy residue. Simply open the packet and carefully pour without the need to touch any poison.

If you are baiting externally and/or within public areas, it is required that all baits must be contained within lockable bait stations. These can be purchased separately or as a package for either rats or mice.

Safety Data Sheet Grain

23 reviews for Opkill Rat & Mouse Killer Poison Grain 150g

  1. Angie

    After finding a mouse rifling through my food cupboard, I purchased this grain along with some small lockable mouse bait boxes. Removed all reachable food sources from my kitchen and left the grain (about a tablespoon in each of the bait boxes) under furniture around my home. First lot was gobbled up within a couple of hours, all bait boxes (6) were empty. Put more down the second day and noticed only a few nibbled grains but mostly in tact. Left the bait down for a further 3 days and then found a dead mouse on my floor when I got home from work. There was no smell, no blood and guts, just one dead Mickey. Left bait down for another few days but no sign of any others. Have now removed all the bait, checked thoroughly for holes in my soft furnishings and bought a cat. This product definitely worked for me. Wear gloves when handling and remove any dropped grains incase your pets find them. Good product for a small invasion!

  2. Patval

    It killed the rats. Better than the Rent A Kill crap.

  3. Sylwia

    It did the job. If your mice are in between the floorboards, prepare to hear then squeak when dying – better avoid the house that day. Took 2-3 days for it to take effect. The smell afterwards is awful, and lingered for about 2 weeks – initially I put coffee beans in the room, which resulted in the smell like a zombie apocalypse at Starbucks, eventually I bought proffesional odour neutralisers and it helped significantly. No sight of mice since. I would buy again.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Fab product, used once and the problem has gone away.

  5. David Greely

    Worked in the given time as per instructions.

  6. Lidia Strenczek

    I’m happy

  7. bob

    The mice are currently snacking
    To this now
    Much better than traditional traps
    They get used to the traps
    Ordering more

  8. bob

    The mice are currently snacking
    To this now
    Much better than traditional traps
    They get used to the traps
    Ordering more.

  9. g. muh

    no more rats in my garden

  10. Brian Littlejohn

    Removing a rat menace

  11. Amazon Customer

    Removing a rat menace

  12. Amazon Customer

    Arrived very promptly. Easy to apply so let’s hope it sorts our “problem” out.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Brilliant poison

  14. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely great they took the lot killer

  15. Ebay Customer

    Very effective

  16. Amazon Customer

    Does what it says on the tin.

  17. Anthony Jackson

    Done the job cured the problem safely without any harm to other animals

  18. Amazon Customer

    Good service

  19. Amazon Customer

    Good service.

  20. Chris P

    Good stuff

  21. Ebay Customer

    Did the job can’t see anymore rats

  22. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and it works .

  23. Amazon Customer

    Killed the rat about 2days later.

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