Opkill Grain Twin Pack

Opkill Whole grain bait for killing mice, rats, rodents, and vermin.




Product description

Opkill Whole grain bait for killing mice, rats, rodents, and vermin. The grain used for our poison is food grade micronised high quality wheat, no husks or dust. Because the wheat has been micronised it is prevented from germinating and starts the transition of turning starches into sugars which makes the bait sweeter and more attractive to rodents. Accompanied by a vanilla/chocolatey aroma it is irresistible to rats and mice which makes it the best product on the market.


  • Our bait grain has been professionally formulated to achieve optimal results and all our products are quality tested by professional pest controllers prior to public release.
  • Multi feed poison which means that unlike many other baits on the market this poison is specifically designed to reduce bait shyness and to maximise bait take and delivery of poison to each rodent and maximise effectiveness from day 1!
  • Packets contain 150g of Difenacoum 25 grain bait. It is a highly effective rodent killer, which leads the way against many other similar baits available on Amazon.
  • Simple to use with no waxy residue. Simply open the packet and carefully pour without the need to touch any poison.
  • If you are baiting externally and/or within public areas, it is required that all baits must be contained within lockable bait stations. These can be purchased separately or as a package for either rats or mice.

Legal Disclaimer

Contains : 2 x Opkill Grain 150g Difenacoum 0.0025% w/w and denatonium nezoate 0.001% w/w Uk Registration: UK-2016-0984-0014 The rodenticide industry, acting as a whole, has recognised the need to address the concerns surrounding the responsible use of rodenticides and the need to ensure that rodenticides are used correctly and in ways that will minimise the exposure of wildlife. The industry has therefore initiated the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU)

Safety Data Sheet, Opkill Twin SDS

36 reviews for Opkill Grain Twin Pack

  1. mrs m l gavaghan

    Used this in various places where we had spotted a mouse & haven’t seen any since or seen any mouse droppings.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I thought I had a group of mice living under my sink, put a couple of bowls of the gear in the under sink cupboard, they were both scoffed and refilled for 3 consecutive days… Then nothing, turned out to be one rat! Found the greedy little bastard dead in my shoe a couple of days later.

  3. Coco Blue

    Just two trays and got rid of the bugger. Kept me awake every night but nothing now for a good couple months. This works week and easy to place where needed

  4. Jude Faulkner

    I have a two step approach to the annual infestations we get in the garden shed at autumn/winter each year. I set traps and put a few grains in and then a few around the trap like a trail. That way if the traps are not sprung then they take the poison back to the nests etc. I have a recluse neighbour with massive garden overgrown and that’s why we get so many each year, at least one or more every two days. Letting them breed would mean infestations which would eventually end up in the house as 90 mice this winter caught might end up as hundreds over the couple of months. This grain works well but make sure traps are not outdoors as pets, birds or squirrels etc will eat the grain.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Great product. WILL BE TAKEN 100%I have purchased this over the last few years and each time it has worked within 2-3 days. The rats seem to appear around Late November and come twice. Scurrying lessens until nothing is heard using this product. Rats take the poison enthusiastically judging by the empty container and die in their burrows – I believe their natural instinct to return as thirst appears for m this excellent product. In my opinion better to order at least 2 as you will be back for more. 2 to 3 applications might be required judging by my past experiences. That said I usually empty the whole packet into three neat little red (provided containers). End of sleepless nights.

  6. caroline grieve

    Works really well done the job.

  7. Ebay Customer

    I placed the first offering inside the mouth of the rat hole it was gone the following morning and so was the tray! Placed a second one in the same place It was empty the following morning. Place a third and no more Rats. There is no sign of them to date and that has been eight days !! The third tray was left untouched.
    Appears to be a good Rat Poison I am giving it 5 stars as it has worked for me quickly and efficiently.

  8. Mary bates

    It was very easy to use,the small containers that came with it were ideal,put them wear I saw mouse droppings,bathroom,kitchen,small cupboard, the instructions said would take 3 to 10 days to work,it has taken 7 ,pleased to say no more mice,they were getting in through air vents below outside out side kitchen bathroom,I have put a covering over one from inside,can not get to other one under bath,will leave poisen down for a while,containers have been empty for about 4 days now,it has taken the two packets I bought to work.😀

  9. E. P.

    I somehow thought that the poison would be preportioned and the bag resealable.

    Nevertheless it did the job and Special Agent Mr Mouse succumbed to the poison overnight.
    This was sort of the last resort, as he outsmarted the lifetrap, snappy traps, anything you could imagine was more likely to cause him diabetes than death.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Hopefully it will work, as we have a Mouse that has decided to take up residence in the boot of our very expensive 1963 classic Merc. It has already started nibbling!!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Killed all the mice in our loft within 2 days.
    Excellent product.

  12. Amazon Customer

    This stuff really works!!I’ve tried others but none worked till I got this.highhly recommended.

  13. Ebay Customer

    Quality Product

  14. Ebay Customer

    Quality Product, thank you

  15. j e w e l l e r y l o v e r

    Did the job, only put 2 of the trays out. Did have to do two consecutive days and this worked. No more rodents. Thank you

  16. Amazon Customer

    Got rid of the rats.

  17. frederique dark

    Obviously a good product no more mice , easy to use , great

  18. Raymond Wright

    It must have worked, I haven’t seen the rat for days

  19. janet lloyd

    Easy+good value

  20. B J Burton

    Did the job

  21. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and very efficient.

  22. Wow

    Works fast,early to handle, strong formula.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Does the job Rat gone after 2 packets .

  24. Philip M.

    Easy to use always wear gloves when using .
    Needed 2 bags for Rat 🐀 but job done.

  25. Philip M

    Easy to use always wear gloves when using .
    Needed 2 bags for Rat 🐀 but job done.

  26. Ebay Customer

    Would buy again

  27. Jason preston

    It’s absolutely fantastic, much more effective than 6 other brands, this is by far the most supreme.

  28. Jason

    It’s absolutely fantastic, much more effective than 6 other brands, this is by far the most supreme.

  29. Ebay Customer

    Had a family of rats under the.shed…this wiped them out.

  30. christina whalley

    Easy to use, and was nibbled by the rodents almost straight away. Very effective product.

  31. Mark a

    No more problems all sorted

  32. Mbk1989

    Poinson went out on the first day in a well covered area where I knew were having a bit of a rat problem. Within 48 hours one of the pots had been completely emptied and the other pot itself got taken along with the food. Since then no more signs of possible rats!

  33. Erika Melnyk

    We seem to be pestered by rats and mice. Have bought this product several times and it does the trick

  34. Ruth

    Great product. Easy to use in mouse traps.

  35. Amazon customer

    This is…. Dead easy (pardon the pun) to use. You get 2 bags of poison pellets and a few little trays. Just fill the tray with pellets and leave it somewhere the pests can get to but pets or kids can’t.

    Just fill the tray and leave it a couple of days. It does smell sweet so it doesn’t take long for the pests to find it. Then just keep topping up the trays until they no longer take anymore.

    We had a cat but sadly not amymore and not long after i heard scurrying in the loft. So ileft out a tray in the loft, after a couple of days it was empty, fill up again and after a few days it was half empty, top up again and it stayed full and more importantly no more scratching or scurrying noises.

    Good quality and value. Recommended. Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it useful.

  36. Amazon customer

    Fantastic stuff, give it a week and the rats disappear from your garden

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