Opkill Rat Pack Poison Blocks 300g

The bait block is a great alternative to conventional methods of rodent control. Our bait blocks have been professionally formulated to achieve optimal results, and all of our products are quality tested by professional pest controllers prior to public release, so you can be confident in the product that you receive.




Opkill Rat Pack Poison 300g (Professional Choice Blocks 15 x 20g)

Product Information

The bait block is a great alternative to conventional methods of rodent control. Our bait blocks have been professionally formulated to achieve optimal results, and all of our products are quality tested by professional pest controllers prior to public release, so you can be confident in the product that you receive.

This product contains a palatable wax block, combined with a powerful concentration of Bromadiolone poison at the maximum strength of  bromadiolone0.0025% w/w and denatonium benzoate 0.001% w/w. These Rodent Blocks are a highly effective rodent killer,  which leads the way against many other baits on the market.

Multi-feed Poison!

This bait is classified as a Multi-feed poison meaning that unlike many other baits on the market this poison is specifically designed to deliver a lethal dose of poison to a rodent through a process of several feeds. As a consequence this increases the kill rate and encourages other rodents to feast!

Usage information

These easy-to-use pre-formed blocks simply fit onto rods for housing in our durable bait stations, which are specifically designed for this purpose. This ensures that the bait remains secure, avoiding contact with non-target species, as well as pets and children.

To use:

  • If you are baiting externally and/or within public areas, it is required that all baits are to be contained within lockable bait stations. These can be purchased separately or as a package.
  • Place up to 60g of blocks in a our mice bait boxes contained within our pack, and place stations along affected routes at 5-10 meter intervals.
  • You will need to check the bait boxes every 5-7 days and replenish the poison blocks as necessary until no more bait is taken.


Contains :

1 x Opkill Blocks 300g  (15 x 20g blocks) Bromadiolone 0.0025% w/w and denatonium benzoate 0.001% w/w


Uk Registration: UK-2016-0986-0006

The rodenticide industry, acting as a whole, has recognised the need to address the concerns surrounding the responsible use of rodenticides and the need to ensure that rodenticides are used correctly and in ways that will minimise the exposure of wildlife. The industry has therefore initiated the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU).

74 reviews for Opkill Rat Pack Poison Blocks 300g

  1. Chris

    Great product does what it’s meant to do easy to use and would recommend home use

  2. Rob in Reading

    Got rid of the rats. Not sure why the syar rating headed Flavour is there for, pretty certain no one would want to taste them.

  3. Onisim Balc

    5 stars, they to the work, nothing more nothing less a “feast”

  4. stanley stobbs

    I like the product because it works It takes 3 days to work

  5. Chris Seddon

    Liked that it got rid of the Rats under the shed, I wish I could see the buggers die. But it seemed to work, no more tell tell signs. Good for killing Rats.

  6. Adrian

    We had rats in the underground and every evening they liked to come to our kitchen, the rats were coming from a next door old house, we tried several non lethal traps for several days before trying this poison, however the animals were “too smart” to enter there (we trapped just one rat with this non lethal traps).
    Because of this we tried this poison, in the bags there were 17 blocks rather than 15, so lucky me!
    I placed 6 poison blocks in the kitchen and I closed the door, after 20 minutes I returned, ALL THE BLOCKS HAD GONE!, so I placed 4 blocks more and I left the kitchen, 10 minutes after, ALL THE BLOCKS HAD GONE, so finally iI placed all the remaining blocks in the kitchen, after a while I got back and ALL THE BLOCKS HAD GONE.
    So basically the rats took all the poison blocks in less than 2 hours. After that day we havent seen/heard the rats again.
    In one side I felt sadness as we killed all the animals, but we gave them the safe option (non lethal traps) and they didnt want to enter, however we placed this poison and they took it inmediately… on the other side we resolved a problems we had for months in few hours….

    I would recommend you to try non lethal traps prior to try this poison, at the end of the day they are just lost and scared animals and we must give them a second chance.
    However if you decide to try this poison, be sure that it will be very effective.

  7. Victoria

    works well

  8. Glen Johnson

    Sad to have to use this. However, works as advertised. No more rat problem.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use. Effective. Mouse infestation ended in a few days..

  10. Spoonbill

    Rats b gone

  11. Leeds lad

    I always buy this stuff works a treat I get a loads of rats in my garden having fields behind my house doesn’t help but this poison definitely helps the problem 🙂

  12. janet m bourne

    I’ve. Never tasted them my Self, but the Rats like them, just hope they are working we seam to be getting.though a lot for my purse.
    I’am goin to try another tasty one.

  13. Kelvin Matthews

    We recently had a problem with a rat nesting in the flat roof of our house, in particular the area that connect the bathroom/dining room area.
    I managed to place about 3 blocks in the bathroom ceiling by taking down the ceiling light, opening up the cable opening, and pushing the blocks inside the void. I applied the same method to the dining room by opening up the hole in the ceiling rose.
    Within a few days, the noise had disappeared, and judging by the pungent smell, the opkill blocks had done the trick. Well impressed!

  14. Joseph H.

    Flavour-wise it’s like being in Lush and sniffing those scented cosmetic products they smell delicious! But otherwise detrimental if consumed, those roommates have quietly vacated the property. 😊

  15. Mr. D. S. Terry

    Rats running around garden in the daytime. What to Do : Right rats in chicken coop and compost bin .wear rubber gloves , ( everyone has them now ) Fix bait to lump of wood with screw , ( don’t over tighten or will brake bait ) place under coop and in bin. You want the rats to chew the bait not remove it and store it . Fist day I changed them two of three time put new blocks on. Next day check again, okay I was at home . Keep checking and replacing each morning . Until bait has been untouched. A week later all rats gone , only found one dead rat in compost bin. Month later still no sign

  16. LC R.

    Ratty mocked me with his masterful avoidance of humane efforts to relocate him and I turned to this. I must admit I expected my ratty nemesis to nibble this and instantly explode or something but it doesn’t work like that. But it does work – and is far less messy! In less than three weeks, it had done the job. No more rat. I would recommend- ratty might not!

  17. Reesyboy

    Large lumps of poison which worked for me, cleared rat out so a plus.

  18. sparkleshine

    This product actually works. My dad was having problems with field mice underneath his shed. The little blighters were gnawing through the floor. My dad had tried putting down traps but they just kept coming back. I purchased this product for him and he has used it for 4 days and there has been no mice since so the product obviously works. I shall order him another bag, just incase they come back in the future. Its nice to know something actually works and at a bargain price.

  19. Michele Howlett

    Living in the country is fab except for this time of year Families of rats need food and we have them once again in our beautiful garden. We share our garden with many animals & birds but sorry I have to say I have to stop the rats from making our garden their home, they do so much damage. These rats are strong and have no fear coming out onto our lawn and banging on the window does nothing to frighten them off. This works so give it a try

  20. APass

    We had several rats coming in under our fence from a neighbour’s garden. We placed these around their favourite spots in our garden. We no longer have rats about two weeks later, so it seemed to have worked. We did spot two rats carrying these off to the other side of the fence so it must have been of interest to them.

  21. steamspeedo

    the rats liked it then died !!

  22. A. Roberton

    Having a problem with rats is not nice and it necessitates drastic action if you wish to keep it from becoming a huge problem. As they decided to ‘live’ under our greenhouse and eat our veg, the time had come to get rid of them. These hard round chunks of rat killer is supposed to be irritable to them and after a few doses and a couple of weeks, they did seem to disappear. However, they came back and needed a second go, and a month later there is no sign. Success.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Put half the pack in our loft where the rats had been heard, checked after seven days and all but one chunk has gone. Haven’t heard any scrabbling for the last two nights but have put the rest of the pack down as a precaution. No bodies found but may be in the end section which is bricked off from the main loft space.

  24. diane davies

    Do like this product started using it ,good value for money

  25. David Deer

    I think these work better on small rodents as rats seem to avoid them.

  26. Lambwath

    Use this in purpose sold rat traps with keyed plastic locks. Add cheap peanut butter by scraping old lolly stick across the bait and every week, I need to re-fill. So, definitely working and as breeding season starts I’m pleased to have found effective bait.

  27. Trevor Moy

    Second time around for these , large bait box takes 4 blocks , having just used the last ones from last year time for a refil , shelf life is excellent with bag unsealed for a year with no determinations , check box daily as some times a whole block can be consumed in a night
    They are effective at removing rats and bodies decomposition gets in noticed

  28. S J P

    I live near a culvert and every winter rats move into the garden. I placed these in the green house with a spike through the middle into the ground so they can’t get removed. They have had a good munch on them and I’ve not seen any evidence of rodents in over two weeks.

  29. Mirek

    Definitely does the job! I saw mouses eating it from day one I’ve put this outside of my house. 2 weeks later there’s no more mouses. I still have a few cubes around the house but it hasn’t been touched in over a week. So yes I do recommend it!

  30. inda

    only had to fill 5 times over 2 days and no sign of any more will keep the rest for any further infestion.

  31. D. D.

    Havn’t seen any rats since I put it under decking…threaded pieces on wire and after a few days pulled it up to have a look and half of the cubes had been eaten…I attatched to a light plastic tray which stops the cubes from being taken away down access hole and can see that the cubes have been moved

  32. Charles Gillies

    V effective killer

  33. Chris Murray

    I live in an old house next to a field, so mice are just something that happens every now and again. Had been seeing them at night in the living room for a few weeks before buying this. After one night down, never saw them again. Definitely would buy again.

  34. rob

    Kills rats

  35. Ms. H. Hirst

    My neighbour enjoys leaving bags of rubbish in her front garden, meaning I have rats running across my garden (grim). Put a whole bag of these down and they were all gone overnight, so they definitely like it. Haven’t seen the rats since so assuming they’re all dead! Neighbour has since moved the rubbish as well.

  36. Jason Gillingham

    Must have had rats as whole piece was gone. Replaced it. Was nibbled. Replace it. They never took it again so either dead or clever

  37. royston elmes

    great product fast dispatch

  38. Graham

    The order came on time. I had an old bait box and used the product in it. Not seen Mr Rat since so looks like a winner so I’ve dumped the DIY shop stuff and will be using this stuff instead. I will be ordering a new bait box from Opkill as their prices are good.

  39. Matt

    Left a load out in the shed, all gone by the next day, left some more out a few days later, the are still there 2 weeks on, can only assume the first load did the job

  40. Dodge Wilts

    I assume because the rats are now not seen. I applied two or three blocks in strategic places where the rats were running until they stopped taking it. I will buy again when the rats return as surely they will.

  41. Ronnie

    It does the job.

  42. nick green

    Did the job

  43. Caz B

    Very easy to use & thick enough to last. Plenty of poison for the money

  44. mr j turner

    Easy to use not had them long enough to know if they work .

  45. Chris

    Not used yet. Arrived quickly so if the long tailed sod appears again I am ready. Box not needed make enclosure using bricks to keep birds away.

  46. A. Cooke

    Liked everything amazing rats must have enjoyed them will be ordering again so we have some in case nessasary 🐀🐀🐀🐀gone

  47. Girish

    Don’t want to go into the gory details but it worked in the rodent in the garden

  48. oxocube

    Brilliant, not seen a rodent since I put this down outside.

  49. benss049

    worked well no longer disturbed at night

  50. Alan T Clarke

    after putting tabs down for a week they no longer were taken overnight so appears problem solved with no dead bodies.

  51. Jonathan James

    Super product ! it solved my problem of rat that is given me sleepless nights and double work in my garden.

  52. BMC

    Ordered regular and no problems to date

  53. Sam

    Great stuff! Killed the little rodents dead! Havnt seen any since day of planting the poison

  54. Ian

    It smells like cheap sweets, seems to cope with some rain, the rats kept eating it until they stopped

  55. Patrick O’Connor

    We’ve had problems with unwanted visitors with long tails. This is just a little present should anymore chose to drop by.

  56. CockerM

    One large rat dead within 24 jjours
    Now for any others that may be lurking!

  57. Richard Dongworth

    I have used a lot of bait block and I have brought the Opkill rat poison to go in my old rat bait box it looks like a good quality product at a good price the delivery was fast too.

  58. Mike

    Great product works very well.

  59. J Partridge

    Did what it was supposed too

  60. lingoreb

    Tried the Pasta,tried the Grain,buts this worked.

  61. Mr Anthony Lewis

    Easy to use and arrived early thankyou

  62. Caroline

    These really do the job.

  63. P Deb

    Very effective, I saw so many dead rats outside my house , I was amazed, this product is the best

  64. Nancy Hudson

    Did the job

  65. Tim. Rowe

    Did exactly what was required. Thank you

  66. V

    Whatever it was it’s gone now so a great product

  67. Alan O

    Bought it to kill rats, only just bought it, so obviously no results just yet

  68. A. Carter

    Great product.
    Did the job in a week

  69. Amazon Customer

    soon cleard them out.

  70. Francis.mcderby

    First class

  71. Adam Creese

    Did ther job

  72. trevor

    For killing rats.

  73. matthew roberts

    Easy to use

  74. rosenpete100

    Easy to use, seems to have worked, as not seen any sign of rats. Very impressed

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