Wasp Control for Your Business

Nest RemovalIssues with wasps at your business can become a real nuisance and also disrupt the day to day running of your workplace. They can even pose a more serious health and safety risk to customers and visitors as well as yourself and staff. Which is why it’s important to get the issue sorted as quickly as possible to avoid any unnecessary problems later on. 

Opkill provide fast and cost effective solutions to deal with wasps, nests and other swarming insects.

  1. We will call you back and book your treatment appointment when it’s best for you
  2. We will attend and discreetly carry out the treatment which we offer 100% guarantee.
  3. We will then offer our professional advice how to minimise future activity.

FACT: It is very common to experience wasps returning to the nests after Opkill have carried out the treatments under 48 hours. The chemicals used are specially designed to effect the entire colony and some wasps may take up-to 24 hours to return. Only until they return to the nest and become contaminated will they perish.

With our years of experience and expertise, we have the best knowledge in the industry in how to de


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